The Virtual Dead

This is a short and low-quality video of the application developed for the Virtual Reality course in Aalto-Yliopisto.

The application, developed using Unity 3D and Ruis for Unity 1.02 [1] integrates the Kinect body recognition, the use of two PS Moves (one for each player) and 3D vision.

The main goal of the application is to survive hordes of zombies, using different weapons and power-ups and interacting with the scene around you.

Models were mostly taken from BlenderSwap[2] and from the Unity assets store.

In this video, the user holds a shotgun that he used to repel zombies from him. Hope that we have better footage from the course assistants soon.

This application was developed by Farid R., Roger E. and Daniel M.

[1] Ruis for Unity:

[2] Blender Swap, Creative Commons models:

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